Hi All-

1. AP problems are due on Monday when we return AND we will have the Chapter 8 Test on Monday also, so please use your time wisely over the next 6 days and stay warm and safe!

2.  Obviously with the incoming cold weather we need to make some adjustments to the schedule – which I already have completed on the class calendar.  Missing 1 day is not too much of a problem, but missing 2 creates some problems with time during AP Review time, since the AP Exam date is fixed.  How can we time travel and make up time?  I am going to create a few video(s) for the 2nd Day of Chapter 9.1 on Sequences (we started at the end of last class) and the start of 9.2 on L’Hopital’s Rule – which is extremely important.  I will send you a copy of the completed notes page to accompany the video(s).  This will help “recover” one of the days. My expectation is that you will watch and learn from the video(s). There will also be an assignment that relates to the video which will be due on Wednesday of next week  (after the test)……so you can watch the videos anytime, but the assignment will be due on Wednesday, February 6th.  If you look at the calendar, it already reflects these changes. You may need to move forward on the calendar to see the month of February.  Calendar. 

3.  I should have the video(s) and notes completed and posted for you by Friday along with the assignment – which is already on the calendar.

Hopefully we will all be able to manage all of this.  Hopefully your AP problems are almost complete and you are in pretty good shape for the chapter test.

Stay Warm (or try to) and have safe few days off!  please email me if you have any questions.

-Mr. Jones