Intermediate Algebra 466-467

Unit 1 – Exponents
Objective 2 – Negative Exponents
Objective 3 – Rational Exponents
Objective 4 – Prime Factorization
Objective 5 – Scientific Notation

Unit 2 – Radicals
Objective 1 – Adding and Subtracting Radicals
Objective 2 – Multiplying and Dividing with Radicals
Objective 3 – Radicals with Variables
Objective 4 – Imaginary/Complex Numbers
Objective 5 – Cubs Roots

Book: Bring your Note Book and Calculator Every Day – we will use it EVERY DAY!

Homework (15%) – Your homework will be graded on a completion basis and will account for 15% of your 18 week grade. In other words, you MUST attempt the homework. I understand that there will be homework problems that you do not understand. However, you must at least try all of the problems assigned. Believe it or not, this is actually how the human brain learns…through failure. Most homework assignments will be worth 2 points.

Quizzes (35%) – Quizzes will account for 35% of your 18 week grade. We will generally have one to two quizzes a chapter worth anywhere from 10 to 50 points. Quizzes are an excellent way to get a feel for where you are at in the middle of the chapter.

Tests (50%) – Your test scores will account for half of your 18 week grade. You must prepare diligently to perform well on these exams. As always, if you ever need help outside of class, just set up a time to meet. With proper preparation, each of you can attain the grade you wish.

Final Exam – The final exam will account for 15% of your total grade.

Attendance – Attendance is a vital component of your grade in this class. As you should know by now, missing one day on the block is like missing two days anywhere else. You must come to class regularly to stay with the pace of this class. If you should miss, YOU are responsible for seeking me out and getting any work that you missed. You also have one day to make up the homework you missed. If you miss a test or a quiz, YOU are responsible for making it up in the allotted timeframe. Generally speaking, you will have a week to make up any quiz or test.

Grade Reporting – Grades will be posted on HomeLogic in a timely manner. In general, grades will not be posted until all assignments are in. I do my best to keep grades updated.

A 90.0% – 100%
B 80.0% – 89.9%
C 70.0% – 79.9%
D 60.0% – 69.9%
🙁 0 – 59.9%