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Calculus:  Graphical, Numerical, Algebraic (AP* Edition) by  Finney, Demana, Waits and Kennedy



The course grading policy will include the following breakdown:

• Quizzes and tests, class participation and attendance will account for 80% during the semester (80% x .80 = 64% of total course grade).

• Homework assignments, both long and short-term, will account for 20% during the semester (20% x .80 = 16% of total course grade).

• Final exam will cover 20% of the total course grade.


Periodically, I will also give long-term (usually a week) homework assignments, which will be turned in and graded.  These will be AP Style Questions. I will also assign problems from Albert.io, a service that we have purchased that provides great multiple choice questions.  In addition, nearly every day I will ask you to show me your homework and ask for a self-evaluation of your homework, on a scale of 0 to 2 points.  Points will be awarded as follows:  2 points if it is complete, 1 point if it is 75% complete and 0 for less than 75% complete.


Due to the use of the TI-89, each quiz or test will have a calculator section and a non-calculator section – each will be different colors.  Students will complete the non-calculator part first, turn it in, then they may take out their calculator and complete the calculator portion of the assessment.  Within each chapter there will usually be at least one quiz and a chapter test.  The chapter test will be comprehensive, including the current chapter and previous material. Calendar: I will provide a calendar showing the dates of most quizzes, tests and homework assignments.  All daily homework assignments are to be completed and kept in a notebook.  I encourage the use of a spiral notebook for easy reference to prior assignments.   Assignments are to be brought to class every day for checking.   I am available for help during Seminar, B lunch on both days.  In addition, I am available after school on most days also.  I ask that students let me know in advance when they intend to come in for help.

In addition, the grading scale will be as follows:

A 85% – 100%

B 75% – 84.9%

C 65% – 74.9%

D 58% – 64.9%

F 0% – 57.9 %

Updated August 15, 2019