Format for Calc-A-Thon

My plan for Sunday’s 22nd Annual Calc-A-Thon.

•You will do a “Problem of the Hour”  meaning a free response question or a block of MC questions for 15 minutes at the top of the hour, then we will go over it.  I will take requests on topics for the remaining time until 50 minutes past the hour.

•10 minute break until the top of the hour, then rinse and repeat.

•I will save the heavy Polar and Series questions until 1:00 and 2:00 respectively although we may do some problems earlier also.

•Please bring snacks to share

•We will order Pizza mid-afternoon…..usually $4-6/person.

•Be there or be a rhombus with congruent diagonals!

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Cat is out of the Bag….Today and Wednesday are last day of new material


Now you know! Don’t celebrate too hard because that means that the work load goes up! 

Several of you will be out on Wednesday so I also wanted you to have access and time for what is due on Friday.  There are 3 AP Questions and a Skills Sheet.  All assignments are now worth 6-12 points.  Some will go into the Homework category some will go into Quiz/Test category – you won’t know until I check you in EACH Day.

HERE is the first one.  I have paper copies now also.



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Schedule for the next 2 weeks

P-Mon/G-Tues – Day 2 of 10.5

P-Wed/G-Thurs – Ch 10 Review Day 1

P-Fri/G-Mon – Ch 10 Review Day 2 and AP Exam Review

P-Tues/G-Wed  – Chapter 10 Test

P-Thurs/G-Fri  – Start 11.1 Parametrics

Reminder AP Problem Set is Due before you leave for Spring Break!  HERE is the problem Set


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Register for AP Exams NOW!

AP Exam registration has been live since the beginning of February.  My expectation is that all BC Calculus students will take AN AP Calculus Exam…..This means you can take either the AB or the BC Exam.  This semester has been almost entirely BC material.  If you think you would be more comfortable taking the AB Exam, that is fine.  If you have a question about which one is right for you, I would be happy to have that conversation with you.

The Deadline is March 1st, or you will pay a late fee.  March 1st is Thursday!


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Snow/School and Chapter 9 Test


Since tomorrow’s snow/school situation is unknown at this point (yes we will have snow!) and may still be that way at the end of the day, I would advise you to bring your math materials home with you.  Obviously, if we are in school, the Chapter 9 Test will tomorrow (Gold) and Monday (Purple).  If we are not in school tomorrow, Purple Day will have their test on Monday and Gold on Tuesday……so be prepared and be responsible!


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A few reminders…….

Just a few Reminders:

• AP Problems are due this Thursday for Gold and Friday for Purple at the beginning of class.  No exceptions.  I hope you have completed much of them by now.  HERE is a link to a copy.

• Chapter 8 Test in Monday for Gold and Tuesday for Purple.

• Quiz scores are posted.

• I love and appreciate all the work you do!

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AP Problem Set due January 25 (Gold) and Jan 26 (Purple) in class – no late

I will hand out the problem set tomorrow to Purple Day and Gold on Wednesday.  If you are Gold Day, feel free to stop by tomorrow in Seminar to pick up.

I do NOT accept problem sets late…you have them early, don’t submit late or put off to the past minute.

Here is a link, but I will have a hard copy for you on yellow paper:  AP Calculus Prob Set

About the picture:  The Hubble Space Telescope captured this beautiful image of NGC 6326, a planetary nebula with glowing wisps of outpouring gas that are lit up by a central star nearing the end of its life. When a star ages and the red giant phase of its life comes to an end, it starts to eject layers of gas from its surface leaving behind a hot and compact white dwarf. Sometimes this ejection results in elegantly symmetric patterns of glowing gas, but NGC 6326 is much less structured. This object is located in the constellation of Ara, the Altar, about 11 000 light-years from Earth. Planetary nebulae are one of the main ways in which elements heavier than hydrogen and helium are dispersed into space after their creation in the hearts of stars. Eventually some of this outflung material may form new stars and planets. The vivid red and blue hues in this image come from the material glowing under the action of the fierce ultraviolet radiation from the still hot central star. This picture was created from images taken using the Hubble Space Telescope’s Wide Field Planetary Camera 2. The red light was captured through a filter letting through the glow from hydrogen gas (F658N). The blue glow comes from ionised oxygen and was recorded through a green filter (F502N). The green layer of the image, which shows the stars well, was taken through a broader yellow filter (F555W). The total exposure times were 1400 s, 360 s and 260 s respectively. The field of view is about 30 arcseconds across.

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Class today and tomorrow


As you know I am out today and tomorrow for the NCTM Conference in  Chicago. I want you to use the in class review packet as a “small group pre-test”, so please use your class time effectively! 🙂  I created a new Chapter 7 review page on my web site (link is at the bottom of this post) which has 4 key things:

  1. A copy of the complete solutions to the review packet for today (please look at a page until you have completed it).  The sub will put each solution page up periodically during class also, but I wanted you to have access to a copy also.
  2. The videos that are connected to the QR codes that are on the review packet are also on the page.
  3. There are also links to other review materials that I created for this chapter on Logistic, Euler’s Method and Integration by Parts with detailed examples and solutions.
  4. Other review info and materials for this chapter to help!

Link:  Chapter 7 Review

Have an awesome day!

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