Quiz tomorrow, homework and other goodies


  1. Bring last 2 assignments.
  2. We start Chapter review tomorrow, quiz and finish the review on Monday….Chapter test on Wednesday of next week.
  3. Quiz may be a little longer that 1st one.  What will be on it?  Whatever I feel like!  no, seriously: 1st and 2nd Fund. Theorem,  Trap Rule, Properties of integrals, average value and maybe Reimann sums.
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Quizzes are posted and bring HW to class tomorrow!

Just Another Day on Aerosol Earth
Even if the air looks clear, it is nearly certain that you will inhale millions of solid particles and liquid droplets. These ubiquitous specks of matter are known as aerosols, and they can be found in the air over oceans, deserts, mountains, forests, ice and every ecosystem in between.

1st Quiz Scores are posted and including the homework that is due tomorrow, I have 3 days worth to check in.  It would be awesome if you’d bring it in during Seminar tomorrow so I can get caught up without using a ton of class time!

Reminder that grading scale is

A:85 – 100, B: 75-84.99 C: 65- 74.99…..

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A few announcements, suggestions and thoughts, etc.

  1. If you have not used or do not have access to the Solutions Manual, please email me ([email protected]) and I will send it to you. 
  2. You are all subscribed to the calendar. I also have a Purple and a Gold calendar that about 2/3 of the RMHS staff uses. If you would like to be added, please email me.
  3. On Friday, the first 30 minutes we will look at some new material and then the last 60 minutes will be for the quiz.
  4. Please form study groups and meet together at least once or twice a week.  Everyone benefits from this and let me know if I can help connect anyone.  Remember, we are all in this together! 
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BC Calculus Room Change now A205 and please bring your books and IDs for checkout


Welcome!  I hope your first day went well!  I had our classroom changed to accommodate all 34 students.  We will now be meeting in A205 which has plenty of room and we will also all learn some Italian!

In addition, please bring the books (and IDs) I gave you during Boot Camp to class tomorrow so I can get them properly checked out.  If you have not received a book yet, I will have one for you tomorrow.

I shared the class calendar for assignments and test dates a few days ago, it is also on my web site….first assessment is a week from this Friday!   https://www.danjonesmathematics.net/bc-calculus-calendar/

See you all tomorrow!

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Boot Camp Starts Tomorrow!

Boot Camp Starts Tomorrow! 6-7:30 pm in the South Cafeteria!

I look forward to meeting you all!

What to bring:
1. I will always have packets for you, so just bring something to write with.
2. Please bring your ID as I will check out books tomorrow.
4. We will probably be done on Wednesday night, so Thursday will probably not be needed.
5. If you can not attend on a particular night, I will post notes each day on my site. Here is a link to where the notes will be: https://app.box.com/s/h0sc2wtj66xw6timhcxhekl9jbzbda6o
6. Homework? I will give suggested assignments for the next 3 days. These are encouraged but not required, as I will not check these in. This will change when school starts. The assignments will be on the packet and also on the calendar on my web site.  http://www.danjonesmathematics.net/bc-calculus-calendar/

7. Calculator.  Students will need to purchase a TI-89 Graphing Calculator for the course (not required for Boot Camp)  We have been using this calculator for about the past 10+ years and it provides some significant advantages to students in the AP program.   In addition, it is the only calculator that I will use for classroom instruction.  Students will need to purchase one on their own, if they have not already.  Here are a couple of online sources, but local stores also carry them and prices tend to drop as the start of school approaches.  If you have financial concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.

8. See you then!
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Calculus Boot Camp 2018 Starts, Monday August 6th! PLEASE READ!

Ah that message you were either excited about or dreading!  PLEASE READ ALL!

When:  Monday, August 6th – Thursday August 9th 6:00-7:30 (we will probably be done on Wednesday night!)

Where:  RMHS South Cafeteria (this is tentative as I am still waiting on confirmation).

What if:  If you can not attend on a particular night, I will post notes each day on my site…..I will provide that link on August 6th – my next post.

What to Bring:  ID (I will check out books – no ID, no book), I will have packets for you, something to write with and YOUR BRAIN!

What now:  Relax enjoy the rest of your summer and the BC class from last year wrote you letters of advice.  I ask you to read 3 letters.  Pick 1 that you know the person, 1 that you do not know the person and 1 that is purely your choice.  I always believe that there is value in hearing from other students.  Here is the link to the letters: Letters from 2017-2018 Class

-Mr. Jones

[email protected]




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AP Calculus Exam is tomorrow: You will be awesome!

You all have worked so very hard and learned so much this year – I am truly proud of all of you!  I know you will all do your best tomorrow and you will put in your best efforts, just like you have all year – why would tomorrow be any different?  You are as prepared as you are going to be!

Make each part or each question a celebration.  Start with an empty glass and fill it up! – don’t think about what you might have missed, celebrate what you know, and fill up the glass to overflowing.  Your glass is your goal. I believe that all of you can and will reach the goal that you have set.

The quote above is from Dr. Suess’ “Oh the Places You Will Go!” – one of my favorite books!  For the full reading of the book approx 6 min, the video is below.

I will stop down just before the exam!  The best of luck to all of you!

HERE is a link to the notes from Friday/Today.





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Last Review Session Wednesday Night 7-9 pm

The 2nd and Final AP Calculus Review session is Wednesday, May 9th from 7-9 pm in South Cafeteria.

Format will be “You ask, we do”…..so bring your questions.

If you missed class on Monday or Tuesday (today), we took a practice Non-Calculator Multiple Choice, which is a great indicator for Tuesday’s AP Exam.  Please make an attempt  to come in and make it up……you could even do it Wednesday night during the review session!  I will grade it and and give you immediate feedback!


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Format for Calc-A-Thon

My plan for Sunday’s 22nd Annual Calc-A-Thon.

•You will do a “Problem of the Hour”  meaning a free response question or a block of MC questions for 15 minutes at the top of the hour, then we will go over it.  I will take requests on topics for the remaining time until 50 minutes past the hour.

•10 minute break until the top of the hour, then rinse and repeat.

•I will save the heavy Polar and Series questions until 1:00 and 2:00 respectively although we may do some problems earlier also.

•Please bring snacks to share

•We will order Pizza mid-afternoon…..usually $4-6/person.

•Be there or be a rhombus with congruent diagonals!

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