Parts mini-quiz on Thursday

Notes from today are HERE…help videos here and here for all of Chapter 7
Quiz will be 5 questions:  4 integration by parts questions:
                              -including problems like:
and 1 from either the Big 3 (ln, arctan or long division) from page 1 of today’s notes (and Fridays’) or partial fractions (factorable denominator)
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Notes from today


I know a number of you missed today for illness and field trips.  HERE is a link for a copy of the notes.

Have a great weekend and I hope that those of you that are sick, you get the rest you need and you feel better!

Go Mustangs in EVERYTHING this weekend!

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Reminder about Tuesday….


I hope you all had a great and safe homecoming weekend!  Here are a couple of reminders about Tuesday:

  1.  AP Problems are due at the beginning of the period – no exceptions, including absences.  You have had almost 2 weeks to work on them and even some time in class.   I am expecting you to work together.  If you should need another copy, here is a link:
  2. Mini Quiz on Tuesday:
    1. Approximating integrals using Reimann Sums – from a table or an equation where you create the table.  Both equal and unequal subdivisions
    2. Finding areas under curves (integrals) using geometric areas – circles (semi and quarter), trapezoid, rectangle, triangle…..including piecewise functions.  Example
    3. Properties of integrals Example
    4. Definite Integrals of polynomials.

     3.  Here are the completed Notes from Friday:


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Tomorrow in class


because of Junior testing tomorrow, plan on working on your AP Problem set that is due next week during class tomorrow…..In other words, please bring them to class to work on tomorrow.

I have not adjusted the calendar as of yet, but the mini-Quiz scheduled for Friday will be pushed to Tuesday of next week.

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Chapter 5 Test and morning help session tomorrow

The Test

2 sides non-calculator and 2 sides calculator.  Please be prepared.  Some of you it will take a full 90 minutes, but you need to be able to complete it in the 90 minute class period.

The Help Session

Please bring your questions, but not THE QUESTION:  “Is it on the test?”  That has been answered. I will come downstairs from Math/Science to open the front door at 7:15, promptly at 7:15.   I will come down one more time to open the front door at 7:35, but that is it.  I hope to see you there with smiles!

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Calculus Help Session (Chapter 5 Test) on Wednesday, October 2nd

As requested, I will have a Help Session on Wednesday Morning (October 2nd) before the Chapter 5 Test beginning at 7:15 am.  I will work on how I will have the doors unlocked at that time.  I will post again on Tuesday, with an update.

Please bring your questions. I will do what you want, but I don’t plan on creating anything for the Help Session…..Nor will answer the question “Is this on the test?”  If we did it….it could be!

 Have a great weekend!!!!

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A question can upon the Implicit Differentiation homework Section 4.2 #21

The question was to find the lines tangent and normal to the given curve at the point (-1,0). You need to differentiate implicitly and then solve for y’ (aka dy/dx).  The top image is the solutions manual version and the bottom image is my solution.  Both yield the same result, but the first uses dy/dx notation whereas I used y’.  Sometimes the notation makes it very confusing!  I get it.




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Solutions Manual, Notes and other important links


Here are a few important links:

Solutions Manual (you will need to use the password I gave you to access the content):

Class Notes:

Go to the HOME PAGE and look at the resources including help videos and pages created by section under the AP Calculus BC menu tab.

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2019 Calculus Boot Camp Starts TOMORROW – Monday!

Small arms training

‘Hi Mom, Boot camp is fine, but I think our drill sergeant is hard of hearing. Every time we say something, he yells ‘I can’t hear you.”










Hi All-

I looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow! Please bring your school ID as I will be checking out books tomorrow night…..

Homework:  Yes there is homework for the next 3 days, but you choose what you need practice on and what you don’t.  This will change when school actually starts.  All you need tomorrow is a working brain and something to write with, I will have a packet for you!  If you are unsure about the working brain thing, you have about 24 hours to find it and make it work again!

I have subscribed you all to the course calendar (google) and it should now appear in your calendar.  It is also viewable on my website at:

I also have Purple and Gold Google calendars (that are used by more than 100 staff at RMHS), if you would like to be added please shoot me an email at [email protected]



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Calculus Boot Camp 2019 Starts, Monday August 5th! PLEASE READ!

Ah that message you were either excited about or dreading!  PLEASE READ ALL!

When:  Monday, August 5th – Thursday August 8th  5:00-6:30 (we will probably be done on Wednesday night! Please note that I have changed the time to accommodate band conflict)

Where:  RMHS South Cafeteria (this is tentative as I am still waiting on confirmation).

What if:  If you can not attend on a particular night, I will post notes each day on my site…..I will provide that link on August 5th – my next post.

What to Bring:  ID (I will check out books – no ID, no book), I will have packets for you, something to write with and YOUR BRAIN!

What now:  Relax enjoy the rest of your summer!

-Mr. Jones

[email protected]




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2019 AP Calculus Exam is Tomorrow! You will be Awesome!

You all have worked so very hard and learned so much this year – I am truly proud of all of you!  I know you will all do your best tomorrow and you will put in your best efforts, just like you have all year – why would tomorrow be any different?  You are as prepared as you are going to be!

Make each part or each question a celebration.  Start with an empty glass and fill it up! – don’t think about what you might have missed, celebrate what you know, and fill up the glass to overflowing.  Your glass is your goal. I believe that all of you can and will reach the goal that you have set.

The quote above is from Dr. Suess’ “Oh the Places You Will Go!” – one of my favorite books!  For the full reading of the book approx 6 min, the video is below.

I will stop down just before the exam!  The best of luck to all of you!

HERE is a link to the notes from Today if you were absent!  Please Read




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Khan Academy help links Multiple Choice and Videos

Here are a few links to Khan Academy for videos and even some practice MC Questions for polar and Integral as a limit of a Reimann Sum!

Integral as a limit of a Reimann Sum Video:

Integral as a limit of a Reimann Sum Practice:

Polar Area Intro Practice:

More Polar Area Practice:

Area between 2 Polar Curves Video:

Area between 2 Polar Curves Practice:

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